Friday, March 2, 2012

New Things

The new year has brought new things! We've had a pretty mild winter, (which is awesome!) but we did have a little snow recently. The weather was beautiful the next day, so the kids got to go out and play in snow for the first time. Overall it was a success. They had a lot of fun playing and slept hard that night!


The other day while browsing on pinterest, I saw these car carrier/playmats. I decided to try making a couple of them. If I do more, the design will change a little, but for the most part they are useable. Brett got his first and thought it was absolutely awesome!
Next Rylan's was unrolled and he got busy lining his cars up on the road.
For Brileigh I decided to make a coloring book. This girl is seriously all about coloring these days. She pleads with me not stop to "culor!"And let me tell you, she is good at it! She is obsessed with Pink crayons and staying in the lines when she colors. As soon as she opened her coloring booklet I made, she grabbed the pink crayon and went at it.
This is what happened across the table, I guess I have 2 more coloring pads to make...

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