Monday, August 22, 2011


Last week the kids, my parents and I headed to Arkansas on vacation. We have relation down there and decided it was time my mom's uncle got to meet the kids. We took off last Sunday morning and after a couple stops along the way (lunch, supper, winery...) we made it to Bella Vista by dark. I was so worried the kids would sleep the whole way and stay up all night, but thankfully that didn't happen. They actually slept the whole night! Monday we filled out day by visiting Uncle Carl and having lunch with him. After the kids nap we headed into Bentonville to the Walmart museum. We then checked out their awesome park/hike/bike trail Crystal Bridges. It was quite a challenge to get the kids picture, they were tied into a carseat or stroller so much that when they could run, they did!

Tuesday we stopped in to see Uncle Carl one more time before taking off for Silver Dollar City. We drove the scenic route through Eureka Springs. We couldn't get out and site see there. With no parking and lots of stairs, it's hard to get 3 kids around. We decided to set up camp in Branson for the night. After getting a hotel room, we left the boys there with my dad and the girls went shopping! Wednesday morning I got on my computer to find out what time Silver Dollar City opened, only to find out it was closed for the day. Seriously?! Well it's not like the kids were hyped up about it, so I guess we'll just have to have fun in Branson, aka shop some more! We headed downtown to the old part of town and then the river walk. In the afternoon we took off towards home, only to stop at every antique store on the way. I think we made it about 40 miles that whole day. My dad the trooper took care of the kids while mom and I shopped.

The look on Rylan's face seems to be saying, Mom if you and nana stop at ONE more antique store I'm going to scream!

Good thing we had lots of stuff to keep us busy in the car!

We played peek-a-boo a lot!

This restaurant in Branson had paper on the tables for coloring on. We really got the hang of coloring and pretty much expected crayons everywhere we ate!

Rylan fell asleep and missed out on a car ride. Brileigh wasn't really a fan, but Brett was NOT happy when the ride was over.

Thursday we pretty much hit the road the whole day. We got home exhausted about 10 that night. We had so much fun, I can only image what trips like this will be like the older they get!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fun at the Park

The heat has finally broke here, slightly. I decided one morning I was going to try out our new "jogging"stroller. Every one was buckled in and we took off. It actually wasn't that bad pushing 3 toddlers. Mind you, the stroller is awesome, I can push it with one finger. We jogged around town for awhile and then ended up at the park. We were the only ones there so we could really explore the huge jungle gym. I was okay with them climbing the stairs and going down the smallest slide, but once they got a little more daring and tried to go to the top, I had to put a stop to that! The sun was shining bright and we got a lot of great photos!


Show off!



Monday, August 1, 2011

A few photos...

So we have been keeping really busy this summer. I can't believe that it is August already! The days just pass us by and we try our best to have as much fun as we can.

Daily we drag all of our toys out of the playroom. They play pretty good together, but there is always the casual argument over toys.


Brett loves Brileigh's pink wagon. He can be seen dragging it around all day long.

We played outside the other day. It's been so humid and hot lately that we've been held up inside. The heat broke one day, I think it was in the low 90's so we headed out!

So much for mom relaxing on her hammock now that the kids are big enough to crawl up on it themselves! I don't know if you noticed from the photo's but the boys are infatuated with their golf clubs.

We've recently discovered the art of making faces. The kiddos think they are pretty funny.

And last, we had our picture snapped at the funeral last weekend. I think my days of holding two at a time are about over!