Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spaghetti Night!

So we've had some more crazy days! Yesterday afternoon 2 tornadoes ripped their way through our little town. A couple people lost their homes, we were one of the many that lost trees. We were huddled down in the basement during the storm. It's amazing that the damage was so minimal. The power was out until evening, but that's a fair trade for keeping the house in tact!

Tonight I made spaghetti for the kiddos and decided to sit their seats in the kitchen so they could make a good mess. And that they did! I transferred them straight to the bathtub after they were done and Jeremy let the dog in to help with the clean up. Please disregard the stack of boxes in the background. I'm getting ready for our garage sale this weekend!

Rylan is such a good eater! Usually the neatest of the 3. He preferred for his spaghetti to be the cup holder I guess.

He also fell asleep after supper. Eating is hard work!

This little girl can really shovel it in! Her hair was such a mess after a day of playing it was a good thing they went straight to the tub. It was orange with sauce when she was done eating!

Brileigh didn't fall asleep like Rylan but she looks like she could have!

And Brett, the messy one... He had so much fun playing with his food!

Not only did I have to mop the floors when bath time was over, I had to wipe down all the cabinets in the kitchen. Thank you Brett!

It's so much fun to let them loose once in a while to make as much a mess as they like!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Children's Museum

So today was a fun day. My parents came to visit so my mom and I took the kids to the new Childrens Museum in Kearney. I had been wanting to take them there for some time, and having my mom's help sounded like a great time! I bought a year membership and I think we'll be getting a lot of use out of it. There are so many fun things to do. Since we were there during nap time we kind of sped through being there only an hour. We did do a bunch of fun thing that hour though:

Rylan jumped right on the "tractor" and drove it through a field.

Brileigh tried her hand at being a ballerina!

We all loved the choo choo area!

Rylan is sporting an engineers hat!

Brett absolutely loved the big stuffed chicken in the farming area!

One of the first things you come to when you walk in is this large water table. They could have played there the whole hour. There were tears when we pulled them away to the next area.

Lastly, Brileigh enjoyed playing in the cozy car. Of course the diva wouldn't move it herself. She lifted her legs so I could push her around.

It will be so nice to take them there on a rainy day when we're feeling a little bit too cooped up!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's been a couple of days...

We're still here. I don't know what we've been doing, but we've been keeping busy! I was able to snap a few pics today of our daily doings:

When the puppy barks outside it's a mad dash to the window to see what's going on.

This is what happens when you want to stay up and party all night Rylan. You fall asleep around 11 in the morning. Brett's looking at him like what's your problem dude?

Brileigh sported her cute ponytails today!

We still love to read books. All day long we can be found flipping through random books.

Brett was in a lounging mood today.

This photo was from yesterday. Are you sure this isn't a step stool?

And lastly Brileigh was showing us she was ready for bed a little while ago. Laying down on a pillow saying nigh nigh. (Which is what I'm heading off to do now!)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's Summer Time!

Today was a loooong day! I woke up at 7 to get ready for church. I had planned on getting up at 6:30 to run, but Brett had me up last night, so I scrapped the morning run. Any other day the kids would be waking me up at 7, but no, today I had to wake them up at 8:15. Of course... Well it was a mad dash to get to church for the 9:30 service, only to find out they went to the summer hours this week and church wasn't until 11:00. Of course... We did pretty good at church though, no major catastrophes.

Today was a very warm day, the warmest we've had this year I believe. A while back I bought the kids a sprinkler mat and it has been sitting in their closet. Every time they would see it they would pull it out and bring it to me. There are pictures of kids playing on it, so they know it is for them, and it's going to be fun!

Brileigh decided since she slept through church, she didn't really need a nap, so after lunch she and I dawned our swim suits and headed outside to try out the sprinkler mat. It was a huge hit! I was a little disappointed with the mat. Yes the dimensions were on the package, but the pictures showed 3 5 year old's running on it with room to spare. Oh well it was still fun.

A little while later the boys woke up so we all headed out. Brileigh decided to play with other toys and let her brothers explore the sprinkler. Brett's face says it all. Oh Yeah!

I love this picture. Brett looks like he is ready to jump in!

They all had so much fun outside today. There were tears when we had to head inside for supper! Notice in the picture below, I indulged myself with a hammock from KMart. It is so nice to lay on while the kids are busy playing!

And last, Rylan is the only one that got the fact that you could squish the little guys down and squirt the water high. He had a lot of fun smashing the faces and squirting his brother in the face!

Hopefully they are all worn out and sleep good all night long, I know I will!