Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1st Haircuts

Today was a monumental day. The boys got their first haircuts. They did surprisingly well. I didn't have to restrain them very much. They were interested in what was going on, and they both had a case of the itchies when hair tickled their noses. They look so grown up now and very handsome. I failed to get a picture of Brileigh. When the boys were done, she was a little jealous and had to sit in the chair and get spun around a couple times to feel like she wasn't left out.

Here is Brett's before picture. His hair wasn't so long in the front but it was long in back and over his ears.

And the finished product. What a smiley baby!

Here is Rylan's before picture. His hair was starting to get in his eyes!

He wasn't sure about losing his curls in back...

By the time he was finished, he wanted OUT of the chair and wasn't in the posing mood.

All in all it was a good day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lots Of Pics!

Wow, I am really tired, so bear with me if this post is a little off...
The kiddos wore me out today. They had an hour long bath tonight, so hopefully they sleep like babies all night long! They weather has gotten a little better here in Nebraska, abnormal temperatures for Feb. but I'm not complaining! We can't really play outside though, the snow is melting into mush. So what to do? Wal-Mart run! In the past every trip to the big store I've pulled out the stroller and loaded it with kids. I then make my way through the store pushing the stroller with one hand and pulling a cart behind me. As the kids get heavier, that gets a little more challenging. The corners are the hardest. Then of course there is the stopping every two steps to say, "Yes they are Triplets, Yes I have my hands full, blah, blah, blah..." Anyway, the other day when I was in there I realized they had kid carts, DUH! This last time I parked by a cart coral, loaded the kids in a cart and went in looking for a kid cart. Now, this is how we do Wal-Mart from now on! (Well except one is supposed to be in the seat in the cart, but Brett was done with shopping and wanted to take his frustrations out by beating the toilet paper bag!)

Today the kids were playing together so nice and I had my camera out at the right time. Brett and Brileigh were playing with the stroller and doll. These pictures I kid you not are in actual sequence.

Brileigh was taking baby for a walk:

Oh I think baby is hungry, here is her bottle:

Brett feeds the baby so nice!

Uh oh, I think the bottle is empty!

Better check!

And what was Rylan up to while the B's were playing house? Walking of course! We've got to have the tongue out though to keep us centered.

Watcha doing down there?

And lastly, today brought a first for us. Our first boo boo that needed a band aid. I didn't see the actual fall, but I think it had something to do with using our rocking chair as a step ladder... We are so proud of our battle wounds. (Under his chin!)