Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brileigh the "Talker"

I got the video camera out to get a record of Brileigh "talking". She is pretty much nonstop chatter. Except for yesterday when Rylan got a hand full of her hair. Then it was a scream of agony! Poor girl! He agrees with his dad that her screeching gets old fast! As shown in the video, Brett just stares at her in wonder, while Rylan usually ends up crying for her to stop!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mute no more

My daughter... Since she was born she has always been quiet. So quiet, my husband (who worries a lot) thought she was a mute. She does cry once in awhile when she's upset, and she can hear. I told him you don't need to worry about that, she'll find her voice some day. This week while he was away for work, Brileigh found her voice. She is a wild women all of the sudden. She wiggles everywhere! And her voice! I wouldn't call it talking, more like shrieking! NONSTOP shrieking. She loves to hear herself. Her brothers on the other hand stare at her in awe, or annoyance (I haven't figured out which yet). When Jeremy came home from his trip it took him only 5 minutes to say, I think I liked her better as a mute! I on the other hand think it is quite cute. She loves to shriek at her toys as she rolls all over the place. The picture below is one of the few times she is quiet these days.

Rylan on the other hand was very happy his sister decided to take a break.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm writing today on a very cold, rainy May day. Nice spring days have yet to show up in Nebraska. It sounds like they are around the corner though!

The end April the babies got baptized. It was a wonderful service, no one cried. The babies actually laughed at the pastor as he poured water over their heads!

Coming from a 2 religion home, our children like myself was also dedicated to the Lord in my home town Mennonite church. We had that service with other couples on Mother's Day. After standing for pictures my arms were about ready to fall off. Notice I'm holding 2 babies, while my husband only has one!

May was also the start of baby food! Brileigh wasn't so sure about sweet potatoes the first time she had them.

They have all gotten used to the different flavors and textures now and like everything! I can't wait to get them weighed at their next appointment. The way they have been eating, they have been growing so fast! The bib Brileigh is wearing is a huge oxymoron of her expression.

And lastly Brett, not only looks like his dad, he has his same opinion about shopping!