Monday, August 1, 2011

A few photos...

So we have been keeping really busy this summer. I can't believe that it is August already! The days just pass us by and we try our best to have as much fun as we can.

Daily we drag all of our toys out of the playroom. They play pretty good together, but there is always the casual argument over toys.


Brett loves Brileigh's pink wagon. He can be seen dragging it around all day long.

We played outside the other day. It's been so humid and hot lately that we've been held up inside. The heat broke one day, I think it was in the low 90's so we headed out!

So much for mom relaxing on her hammock now that the kids are big enough to crawl up on it themselves! I don't know if you noticed from the photo's but the boys are infatuated with their golf clubs.

We've recently discovered the art of making faces. The kiddos think they are pretty funny.

And last, we had our picture snapped at the funeral last weekend. I think my days of holding two at a time are about over!

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