Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sunday Outing!

This last Sunday we headed to the park for a picnic with the Heartland Triplets and More group. I was a little apprehensive, big park, lot's of strangers, hot muggy weather... Luckily we knew a family with 14 year old GGB triplets that was there. The girls, with the help of another girl triplet were put in charge, by their parents, of "babysitting" my three. That was so awesome! I could talk with other parents and not worry constantly about where my kids were! The weather ended up not being as bad as predicted as well. My kids had so much fun running around like crazies! They quickly approached other people and basically crawled on their laps for attention. There weren't any kids their age to play with, but they made do with the older kids! The picnic was at 12:30, our usual lunch time. I normally put our kids to sleep right after lunch, so I also worried about grouchiness. They were having so much fun that we stayed until 2:30. Once in the car, they passed out before we were 2 blocks away...

Brett did wake up briefly to let me know that I failed to put his head support on.

There were group pictures taken, I'll post one when I get it emailed to me!

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