Monday, July 25, 2011

Omaha Children's Museum

Early last week we took a mini vacation. My brother's 4 kids were staying at my mom's so we all headed to Omaha to the Children's museum. For the most part it was fun. My dad took charge of the 4 older kids and we didn't see them until we were ready to leave. Mom and I had our hands full with my 3. Being it was 100° outside I think about every kid in Omaha was at the museum that day. It was so crazy, it was hard to keep my kids around us.

Some of our favorite things:

The boys had fun "driving" the John Deere tractor.

Just like the Kearney museum, the water table is a HUGE hit!
(Yes I had my kids on leashes, go ahead judge me!)

Rylan really got the hang of the slide. Waiting his turn to go down? Not so much...

Our first experience with sand. Junior Archeologists:

We headed to the Pizza Machine after the museum for lunch. My kids were too little to enjoy any of the rides there, but my brothers kids had a blast. We all slept well when we got back to Kearney that night!

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