Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The 4th of July!

We had a great holiday weekend! We went to a party Sunday night where we watched the fireworks from a distance. They all had a great time and stayed up until 11! I thought they might sleep in Monday morning, but Rylan woke me up at 6! We dressed up in our Old Navy tanks for pictures.

We spent the afternoon coloring. Recently they have been getting a hold of random pens and trying to draw, so I bought them the crayola markers that only show up on certain paper. They had so much fun, and it gave me time to set up for our 4thof July party.

I had some red, white and blue star floating candles that I had floating in buckets of water. I had intended on lighting them when it got dark. What was I thinking? Buckets of water set out with 3 toddlers? Before we even knew it, Rylan was sitting in one of the buckets.

Notice he is in the smallest bucket. He tried the bigger buckets but he had to fight off the other two from joining him.

These buckets provided hours of entertainment. I finally caved and put their swimsuits on. The candles? They never got lit...


  1. Awww ... they are sooo cute! Sounds like a wonderful holiday!

  2. Thanks Rachel! It was a great holiday! They certainly make every day interesting!