Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh Monday

So my water heater rusted out on the bottom and flooded part of my basement... How was YOUR Monday?

We had a busy day today, it's supposed to rain the next couple of days. I was in a mad rush to get the kids feed at lunch time and down for their nap so I could mow before J came home with the new water heater. I actually got the yard done right as he got home so I was able to help lug the old rust can out and get the new one downstairs before the kids got up from their nap. You don't realize how much you use hot water until you don't have any.

Rylan has found a new place to play. Why drag your toys out of the toy box when you can just crawl in and play with them? Notice the handy vice holding the lid up. This is my old toy box my grandpa made me. When I put their toys in it, it took about 2 seconds for Brileigh's fingers to get slammed in it.

Speaking of Brileigh, up close and personal! It is so hard to get good photos of them unless they are stuck in a toy box. Once the camera comes out they come running towards it like I'm going to give it to them. Even though they have never gotten to handle the camera, they think I might cave in one of these days.

I don't know if it's because they are getting older or if the warmer weather is getting to them, but they are really rowdy these days! Brileigh, being smaller and slower usually gets the majority of the "beatings". She turned on her brother today though. She was so excited to have him tackled!

And Brett, this little guy has now mastered the art of getting up on EVERYTHING! I ran downstairs to check on the water level for 2 seconds today. I came upstairs to find him on our dining room table. Playing with my brand new MacBook Pro. No I didn't get a picture. I was too busy running and screaming. But doesn't he look so innocent here?

And lastly I managed to get a half way decent shot of the three together. All looking at the camera and smiling. If only you could see how I achieve a photo like this. They are actually all smiling/laughing at their crazy mom jumping up and down saying something like booga booga booga.

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