Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lovey Time and Black Eyes

I don't know what are happening to the days lately, but they are flying by! Seriously are the days getting longer or shorter? My little peoples have been letting me sleep in lately, how awesome is that? Maybe having more energy in the day and doing more makes the days seem shorter?

Brett is the most lovey of the three. He was the first one to give kisses. Open mouth and tongue sticking out, but that's how his dad kisses, so I guess he's leading by example. This picture is him pretty much say no more kisses momma!

And I don't know how it happened or when for that matter, but we have our first shiner. It's been around for a couple of days and I finally got around to taking a picture of it. What a toughie!

Brileigh was nice enough to take a time out from running around like a crazy woman and take a picture with me this afternoon. That girl is all go lately! Rylan on the other hand had no time for his momma today... Maybe tomorrow?

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