Tuesday, May 24, 2011


If you had asked me a couple of days ago if my kids like chocolate, I would have said absolutely not. I got them tapioca and vanilla pudding a long time ago for snacks and they love it. So I got chocolate for them and they spit it out. They wouldn't even eat cookies with chocolate chips in them. I'm not a huge chocolate eater myself so I figured they didn't care for it, whatever.

I've always heard if your kids don't like something try it again later on, because their tastes change. Well in our case with chocolate, that is just what happened. There were some little bags of M&M's from Easter sitting out on the counter and I decided to see if they would eat them. Who would've thought such tiny little things could make such a mess...

Daddy decided to have himself a chocolate pudding cup last night. I don't think he got a single bite. I think our tastes have changed when it pertains to chocolate.

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