Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October Update

Okay who's as big as a house? ME! And I'm only 27 weeks! What am I going to look like in the end? Maybe I should start working on the the nursery, while I can still stand. I made a trip to Walmart and Target yesterday and bought everything in bulk so hopefully I don't have to go back. I had a couple of other stops but I couldn't make them. I started have braxton hicks in Target so I checked out and went home. On a bright side, I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done! I have the women, nieces and nephews done, just the guys to do. Any suggestions? They are always the hardest. I figured I had better get going on this. If I make my goal of 36 weeks, that's January, I'm not going to be able to do any shopping in Dec! And if the babies come sooner, I wont have much time to do anything! My last check up went great, he has put no restrictions on me yet. I keep thinking one of these times he's going to say, alright, time to slow down, but he never does. I guess I'm doing a good job of knowing when to stop myself and rest. There was a time I didn't know if I would make my baby shower this Saturday, but now I'm pretty confident I'll be there. So that's exciting!


  1. Okay who's the most beautiful pregnant woman? YOU!!!!
    How fun to see a picture with that WONDERFUL belly!!!
    I like the ornament as well as the sign.I am sure you will do well at the craft show
    Have a wonderful time at your shower. So much to celebrate.
    You are doing GREAT!!!!

  2. Audrey, you are too funny! Things are going to start getting interesting, I'm growing out of my pregnancy clothes (and my husbands) and I can't go shopping! My last belly photos, I might be wearing a sheet! Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. You look wonderful.....I love to look at happy pregnant women! Cherish every moment! And yes I think somebody better get busy on that nursery, you need to be the supervisor, find a chair ....point and tell others what to do!
    Love all your work!