Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Things!

This is our Easter picture. I tried so hard to have three happy babies, it just didn't happen. What can you do?

We had our 4 month check up. Everything looks great! Rylan weighs 12.10, Brett 13 and Brileigh 11! I was tempted to ask the doctor about cereal but I figured he would say no since they are only 2 months adjusted. Then to my surprise he told me to start them on it! Of course the video camera had to come out for this monumental moment! These videos are of their very first bites. They did amazing! I never imagined it would be this easy to spoon feed them. Since they started cereal they only get up once in the night now. Hopefully I'll get them sleeping all night before too long.

One thing I am very thankful for is their afternoon nap. After they eat at 1 they all lay down til about 4-4:30. SO I have been able to get down to my craft room! Hopefully I'll have something to show for my time down there soon. It's just nice to be in there and have a little time to myself. But now, I need to tend to a grumpy baby!

1 comment:

  1. I love the Easter picture. They are all so cute , she looks like a Angel sitting there smiling.

    It was fun to see them eat cereal. I forgot how it seems like just as much comes right back out as you put in.....I am glad they are sleeping well. It is good to get a little time for yourself.